Group Music Classes For Kids in West Chester, PA

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In addition to private 1-on-1 lessons, we offer several group class options for children at our studio. Kids get the opportunity to explore, have fun, meet new friends, learn some fundamentals, and fall in love with music before starting private lessons.

Contact us to find out more information about the curriculum in each class, plus the weekly schedules.

Music Together Young Learner’s Class

Our Young Learners program is taught by a preschool education professional. Music Together gives children from birth through the age of five the opportunity to enjoy mixed-age music classes alongside their caretakers. Your child will learn fun songs, develop a sense of rhythm and melody, use rhythm instruments, be introduced to other instruments, and make friends along the way. Children are encouraged to proceed at their own pace, and this can be a wonderful way to grow a love for music before pursuing formalized private instrument lessons.

705 East Nields Street
West Chester PA

Thursdays June 22nd – July 21st

Music Explorers (K-1st Grade)

Kindergarten and 1st grade students will join together to explore and make “tuneful, beautiful, and artful music”–tenets of the world-renowned early childhood music educator John Feierabend and his First Steps in Music curriculum. Students will playfully explore singing, moving, listening, and playing instruments, with a special emphasis on developing the singing voice. The class is non-performing, but will culminate with a time of sharing for parents on the final class evening.

Prelude Singers (2nd - 6th Grade)

This prelude to choir class for second through sixth grade students will join together students of varying abilities and backgrounds to give them a joyful introduction to choral singing. This class will focus on the elements of good singing explored through moving, listening, vocal technique, ear training, beat keeping, introduction to music notation, and choir games. No audition required. The class is non-performing, but will culminate with a time of sharing for parents on the final class evening.

Florence Phillips

“Repetition is key, readiness is the goal, and recreation is the tool for our young learner’s program.”

What are the Benefits of Our Music Class Program in West Chester?

Many educators and researchers believe that music classes help young children develop language and reading skills faster than those who do not have exposure to music training. Studies are optimistic, albeit inconclusive, but if you would like to read more about this, our blog about the benefits of music on reading may help.

Create a Fun Social Environment With Your Child

If you have a toddler or preschooler, it can be challenging to find opportunities for them to socialize. Furthermore, public spaces (like the playground) can be awkward – you may not feel like approaching new families on a daily basis.

A music class for young children, like our Music Together sessions, removes the tension. You will enjoy playing and music-making with your child, and you’ll be in a shared environment with families in the exact same phase of life.

Your child will make friends, learn to share, and enjoy teamwork with peers. Parents at our Music Together sessions enjoy experiencing the class together, and many enjoy chatting and becoming friends as well. If you aren’t sure if a group class is a great fit for you, please get in touch! We would love to welcome you to the studio so you can experience a class for yourself.

Foster a Love For Music

Many children first experience music when they are enrolled in private piano lessons. There is nothing wrong with this, but there is the risk of piano (and music in general) turning into a chore. After all, it’s a learning experience, not a social one. Furthermore, they receive “homework” and practice assignments. Piano lessons have amazing benefits for kids, but if the instruction is too rigid, they may never learn to genuinely love music.

Our music classes allow children to experience fun music, move to the rhythm, and play with various instruments like drums and rhythm sticks. They will learn to count and match pitches, and they will become comfortable with singing – a fundamental hallmark of good instrumentalists.

After your child has experienced music as a fun and impactful medium, they are more likely to want to continue developing via private music lessons. This will make them more successful in piano, voice, guitar, or any other private instruction format.

Build Confidence in Your Child

The confidence-building properties of music instruction has been well documented over the past several decades, but this can start even at an early age. Your child will become comfortable meeting others, speaking and singing in front of a group, and working with peers towards a shared goal. Shy kids and outgoing children alike enjoy these classes, and all become more comfortable with one another after just a few sessions.

Get Started With Early Childhood Music Classes

If you would like to try a class or learn more about our programs, please contact Florence Phillips. She’s happy to answer any questions you have or speak on the phone. You can also get more information about our singing lessons in West Chester, piano lessons, and more.