Piano Lessons In West Chester, PA

Hi, I’m Florence Phillips.

As a pianist and piano teacher in West Chester, PA, I love working with beginners, advanced students, children, adults, and everyone in between.

I have over a decade of performance experience as a soloist, collaborative pianist, and church musician, and I earned a masters degree in piano pedagogy from West Chester University. Previously, I received a bachelors degree in piano performance.

My goal is to provide the finest piano education in the Chester County area, and you or your child will receive a strong foundation in technique, music theory, reading, playing by ear, and interpretation. I can’t wait to work with you – feel free to give me a call or fill out the form to get in touch.

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    The Locations I Serve

    Piano Lessons In West Chester, PA

    My home piano studio is located at 601 Southern Drive, West Chester, PA, and I’m a short drive from downtown West Chester, West Goshen, East Goshen, and the surrounding area. Whether you’ll be visiting from Paoli Pike or Market Street, my studio is easily accessible. Please get in touch for more information about piano lessons in West Chester, PA.

    Downingtown, PA

    I’m roughly ten minutes away from Downingtown East High School, and whether you’re looking for piano lessons for your child or yourself, I’d be happy to speak with you. My piano lessons are fun, engaging, and based on 10+ years of teaching experience, and I would love to help you reach your goals at the piano.

    Coatesville, PA

    If you live in Coatesville, PA, you can reach my studio by taking 30 East to Boot Road; I’m only about two miles off Boot Road. From Coatesville Area High School, I’m about 20 minutes east. Get in touch, and we can discuss my availability and your unique goals (for yourself or your child) at the piano!

    Virtual Online Lessons

    I realize that not everyone can take in-person piano lessons, whether because of health concerns, scheduling, or the fact that you don’t live near a qualified teacher. I’m happy to work with you through live online piano lessons, and I hope you’ll get in touch if this option is suitable for you! We’ll start off with a quick test call to make sure your internet is fast enough, but we can accomplish the same things as in-person lessons when we work together online.

    Learn From An Active Local Pianist

    I believe that the best piano teachers are active pianists and performers, and that’s why I maintain a busy schedule as a collaborative artist, performer, and church musician. I’ve been sharing music with live audiences since my childhood, and performing is an experience that I never intend to leave by the wayside. If you would like to watch some of my recordings, please feel free to explore my YouTube channel. I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop when I have another performance coming up.

    Florence Phillips Piano Studio

    601 Southern Drive
    West Chester, PA 19380
    Email: florencephillipsmusic@gmail.com
    Phone: (215) 995-5115

    Keep Up With My Piano Blog

    As someone who has taken piano lessons for most of my life, spent six years studying the piano in secondary educational settings, and performed extensively, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with both beginning and advanced pianists. Are piano lessons good for kids? Is it hard to get an advanced degree in piano? Are there better ways to practice your scales? These are all concepts that I’m likely to explore in my blog, and you’re more than welcome to follow along.

    Why Should You Take Music Lessons?

    Piano Lessons for Children in West Chester

    Music (and specifically, the piano) is a worthwhile pursuit regardless of the student’s age. Children will learn to appreciate the arts from an early age, and whether they go on to study music in college or simply enjoy the piano as an amateur, being able to read, comprehend, and play music will enrich their lives and boost their self esteem.

    Also, while music lessons may not necessarily make your child smarter, the extracurricular opportunities that come from music, the discipline learned, and the enjoyment they’ll get from music when they are older are unparalleled by other activities. The piano also serves as a perfect foundation for further musical study – brass instruments, the guitar, the violin, singing, or even drums will come to your child much faster if they have a background in piano.

    Piano Lessons for Adults in West Chester

    Adults considering piano lessons will discover that they are able to enjoy listening to (and following along with) their favorite music better after starting piano lessons, and as you start to recognize scales, chords, keys, and patterns, music will become more and more interesting to you. Also, while many adults start piano because they think it will be relaxing, the benefit lies somewhere else – practicing piano arrests your entire attention, and since your whole brain is being used, you’ll find that the meditative qualities of practicing piano do, in fact, relax you in the end.

    More importantly, after careful practice and regular lessons, you’ll be able to play your favorite music; whether you want to learn Schubert or the Beatles, we can work on your ability to read musical scores, lead sheets, and play by ear. Believe it or not, it’s not harder to learn the piano as an adult – in fact, you can learn faster because you have motivation and discipline.

    About My West Chester, PA Piano Lessons

    My goal is to help students develop a deeper love of music and become independent, well-rounded pianists. I help children and beginners learn how to read music fluently, play with proper hand position and posture, develop their ear, encourage them to interpret their music, and internalize a strong sense of rhythm (among other things). With adults and more advanced students, I always keep their specific goals in mind. Whether you want to improve your sight reading, prepare for college auditions, or learn a set of your favorite tunes on the keyboard, I’m happy to work with you.

    In short, I want you to love the piano, and we won’t simply follow a method book. Methods are useful tools, but I create a unique path of musical development for each student; you’ll be equipped to pursue any genre you’d like to in the future, whether that be classical, pop, or something else.

    Start Lessons Today

    If you have any questions about my piano teaching experience, how I teach, or what my availability looks like, I would love to hear from you. I work with students of all ages and abilities, and I’m sure we can create a unique roadmap for you to achieve your goals at the keyboard. Whether you want to get better at sight reading, playing by ear, auditioning, or anything else, let’s chat about piano lessons.