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Welcome to my West Chester, PA piano studio.

Whether you’re brand new to the piano, have years of playing experience, or want to give your child the gift of piano lessons in West Chester, PA, I would love to hear from you.

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I hold a masters degree in piano pedagogy from West Chester University, and I received a bachelors degree in piano performance. As a lifelong pianist, teacher of over ten years, and active musician in the West Chester area, and I would enjoy sharing my experience with you or your child!

My aspiration is simple: to ensure that my students are well-rounded, independent pianists who both love music and can pursue any genre or discipline that they would like to. If you’d like to learn more about my teaching style or how to get started, please get in touch.

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     Piano Lessons in West Chester For All Ages & Skill Levels

    Piano Lessons for Children in West Chester

    Music (and specifically, the piano) is a worthwhile pursuit regardless of the student’s age. Children will learn to appreciate the arts from an early age, and whether they go on to study music in college or simply enjoy the piano as an amateur, being able to read, comprehend, and play music will enrich their lives and boost their self esteem.

    Also, while music lessons may not necessarily make your child smarter, the extracurricular opportunities that come from music, the discipline learned, and the enjoyment they’ll get from music when they are older are unparalleled by other activities. The piano also serves as a perfect foundation for further musical study – brass instruments, the guitar, the violin, singing, or even drums will come to your child much faster if they have a background in piano.

    The children in my piano studio will learn how to read music, play five finger patterns, play with healthy technique, play crescendos and decrescendos, tell the different between steps and skips, and so much more. We will also work on actual tunes that they can play early on – showing them from day one that they can make their own music.

    My piano lessons for children are fun and engaging, and your child will have a strong foundation on which to build advanced piano skills or other musical abilities.

    Piano Lessons For Adults

    Adults considering piano lessons will discover that they are able to enjoy listening to (and following along with) their favorite music better after starting piano lessons, and as you start to recognize scales, chords, keys, and patterns, music will become more and more interesting to you. Also, while many adults start piano because they think it will be relaxing, the benefit lies somewhere else – practicing piano arrests your entire attention, and since your whole brain is being used, you’ll find that the meditative qualities of practicing piano do, in fact, relax you in the end.

    More importantly, after careful practice and regular lessons, you’ll be able to play your favorite music; whether you want to learn Schubert or the Beatles, we can work on your ability to read musical scores, lead sheets, and play by ear. Believe it or not, it’s not harder to learn the piano as an adult – in fact, you can learn faster because you have motivation and discipline.

    Every adult has his or her own goals at the piano. Maybe you recently retired and want to learn how to play your favorite Chopin Nocturnes. Perhaps you can play by ear, but you can’t sight read very well. Or maybe you’re just frustrated with the fact that you can’t play quickly without your arms and hands getting incredibly tense. Feel free to give me a call and we’ll talk about your particular needs.

    Beginner Lessons

    Learning the piano is a huge undertaking – that’s no secret. But after 10+ years of teaching experience at every level, I’m confident that we can build a successful roadmap for you or your child. All it takes is consistent practice and lessons with an experienced teacher, and you’ll start becoming a competent pianist in no time at all.

    West Chester, PA piano lessons
    Chester County Piano Lessons

    Advanced Piano Coaching

    As a lifelong student of the piano, I know what it’s like to prepare for auditions, perform public recitals, hit skill plateaus, and wonder how you improve on what you’re already doing. Let’s work together to take your musicianship to the next level, find challenging repertoire that will make you better, and grow your love of the piano.

    Searching for “Piano Lessons Near Me” in West Chester?

    My piano studio is located in the West Chester borough at 103 S High Street. You can reach my studio with a 10 minute drive from Exton, or you can walk if you live near downtown West Chester. I’m near Beaver Creek Elementary School, Bradford Heights Elementary School, The Phelps School, and many more academic institutions. If you need any help locating me, I’d be happy to help you sign up for piano lessons in West Chester, PA – just get in touch at your earliest convenience.

    Florence Phillips Piano Studio

    103 S High Street
    West Chester, PA 19382
    Email: florencephillipsmusic@gmail.com
    Phone: (215) 995-5115

    Piano lessons near me

    About West Chester, PA Piano Lessons With Florence Phillips

    A Highly Qualified Teacher

    My masters degree and considerable teaching experience have placed me in piano lab settings, classroom settings, and private lesson situations, and I’ve worked with every piano method and repertoire level available. This experience will allow me to diagnose issues and assign the right material to you, and you will receive the highest level of piano education available.

    Personally-Tailored Instruction

    As your instructor, I promise to take your specific goals and needs seriously. No two students are alike, whether you’re an adult, child, beginner, or advanced pianist, we will find the perfect mix of exercises, curriculum, and literature to help you improve at the piano.

    Learn The Fundamentals

    Learning the piano boils down to a few simple things: technique (for healthy, pain-free playing), reading music fluently, strengthening the ear (for improvising and more), and learning the theory and structure behind what is visible in the music. We’ll work on each element, and as a result, you’ll be an independent musician who can pursue your individual goals.

    Become a Versatile Pianist

    As I mentioned above, we will focus on the fundamental elements of playing the piano – this creates a blank slate from which you can grow into the style of pianist you see yourself becoming. You’ll be able to play serious classical repertoire, learn jazz literature, seriously study improvisation, and more. Whether you want to be a hobbyist or pursue piano in a conservatory, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Piano Lessons For Kids in West Chester, PA

    What Genres Will You Learn On The Piano?

    I consider myself a classical pianist, and as such, I take a classical approach to teaching the piano. That said, I enjoy working with students on the music they want to play – our lessons will equip you to pursue jazz, rock, pop, Broadway, or any other genre. We will focus on reading, theory (learning chords, modes, etc.), and ear training, and as a result, you will be able to read off lead sheets, improvise, and do what you want at the piano! When you apply for lessons, please let me know if you have a specific genre in mind — we can work together to create an ideal learning plan for you.

    Piano Lesson FAQs

    How Long Are Piano Lessons?

    My students will typically choose 30 minute, 45 minute, or 60 minute lessons. If you would like a longer lesson, you’re welcome to get in touch and we will talk about it. Younger students, especially elementary-aged beginners, often benefit from shorter 30 minute durations, while more mature students need 45 minutes to an hour so we can cover all of our material and discuss concepts and questions.

    What Piano Methods Do I Use?

    When I do use a method, it is usually Faber Piano Adventures – I’ve found that it is the most well-rounded and fundamentally sound option. That said, I work many different exercises, “real” pieces of music, and other materials into your personal curriculum. We will not simply work through several method books in a row, even if you are a beginner. I have spent a great deal of time studying leveled keyboard repertoire, and I love introducing my students to level-appropriate pieces of music that they will love.

    Is There Parking Nearby Your Piano Studio In West Chester?

    Yes there is. You can either park on the street (very easily) or pull right into my driveway.

    Do You Make Piano Lessons Fun For Kids?

    The most important thing we can do for a child’s pianistic future is to grow their love for music – so yes, we do have fun in lessons! I do not rely on games and activities at the expense of a genuine education, but with young children especially, I’ve found that getting them “off the bench” and learning music in a more creative and dynamic sense can really help them improve.

    Is My Child Too Young For Piano Lessons?

    Even if you have a preschool age child that you’d like to start in piano lessons, please feel free to get in touch. We can schedule an interview lesson where we work on some very rudimentary rhythmic material, have fun making music together, and measure your child’s readiness for private piano lessons.

    Start Piano Lessons in West Chester Today

    If you have any questions about my piano teaching experience, how I teach, or what my availability looks like, I would love to hear from you. I work with students of all ages and abilities, and I’m sure we can create a unique roadmap for you to achieve your goals at the keyboard. Whether you want to get better at sight reading, playing by ear, auditioning, or anything else, let’s chat about piano lessons.