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Do you live too far away from a competent piano teacher, do non-traditional work hours make it better for you to work with a teacher outside your time zone, or do you have other reasons for needing a teacher who can work with you online rather than in person? While I do teach piano lessons in West Chester, PA, I also offer live online piano lessons for local students and pianists abroad. I’d be happy to speak with you about a trial lesson.

All it takes is a keyboard and a fast internet connection – proximity is no longer an issue when it comes to piano teaching. Get in touch for more information.

Live Online Piano Lessons For All Ages

Online Piano Lessons For Adults

Adults have busy lifestyles, and that can sometimes mean that piano lessons at home are the best option. With online learning, you don’t have to commute to a teacher and add time to your busy schedule. Just sit down at the piano, open your laptop, and get started!

We will cover all of the same material in online lessons that we would in person – we will work on your technique, I’ll coach you through drills and how to practice, we will study reading and ear playing, and I’ll give you a solid foundation in music theory. You’re also welcome to ask as many questions as you’d like – I’ve found that adults take a more cerebral approach to the piano, and our discussions are often more valuable than time spent working on notes or repertoire.

Furthermore, I’m happy to help you reach your unique goals at the keyboard. Maybe you want to get better at sight reading, or maybe you want to learn how to read lead sheets. Whether you see yourself playing serious classical literature or pop songs, we’ll create a lesson plan unique to you.

Online Piano Lessons For Kids

Many children learn better from the comfort of their home, and for better or worse, some are getting more familiar with virtual education than in-person education. Also, you are more than welcome to sit in on your child’s virtual piano lesson – in fact, I encourage it. If you observe the lesson along with your child, you will be better prepared to help them practice and work on lesson materials throughout the week.

I keep students engaged in virtual lessons with a series of prepared activities and materials, and I’ve found that we can accomplish just as much online as we would in person. Whether your child is brand new to the piano or an intermediate or advanced student, I’d love to work with them.

Florence Phillips

“My aspiration is simple: to ensure that my students are well-rounded, independent pianists who both love music and can pursue any genre or discipline that they would like to.”

Students Of All Abilities and Experience Levels Are Welcome

Beginners and advanced students alike are welcome in my piano studio, and I have a significant amount of experience with both. As a life-long pianist, I studied under different teachers at different stages of my development, and I know what pianists at every level need to succeed.

If you or your child is a beginner, we will start with the fundamentals of keyboard topography, reading, technique, and basic music theory. If you already have piano experience, we will set goals and find a good starting point; I will help you find the right repertoire for your level, and we will grow your abilities with the right mix of exercises and musical literature.

What Do You Need To Get Started In Online Lessons?

It’s simple – you will need a piano or keyboard (88 weighted keys with a pedal is preferable, but if you have something else, we can chat about it), a decent internet connection, and a smartphone or laptop with a camera. A side profile view is the best way to hold a virtual lesson. You probably already have everything you need to get started.

Do You Have To Commit To Practice Time?

It takes time to become a pianist, so the sooner you start taking lessons, the sooner you’ll be playing music. You do need to commit to regular practice time if you want to see improvement; 20-30 minutes of practice every day is far superior to practicing in inconsistent chucks (for instance, if you only practiced on Saturdays for three hours).

We can chat about your availability for a trial lesson, schedule a call to test our internet connection on Skype, Zoom, or Facetime, and chart your course towards success at the piano. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.