Singing Lessons in West Chester, PA

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Whether you want to join a community chorus, give your high schooler the opportunity to prepare for music theater auditions, or help your child learn the fundamentals of music, we hope you’ll get in touch for voice lessons at our West Chester, PA studio. You’ll have the opportunity to work with a highly qualified instructor and singer, and you’ll become part of the musical community at Florence Phillips Music Studio.


Singing Lessons For All Ages in West Chester, PA

Voice Lessons For Adults

We love working with adults at our music school, and we’ve found that it’s never too late to improve your singing voice. We will improve your breathing technique, help alleviate any tension in your voice and body, and find songs, repertoire and exercises that you genuinely enjoy. Furthermore, we will send you home after each lesson with actionable drills and tips that will help you earn steady significant improvement. We’ve found that adult students, whether young professionals or retired folks, enjoy asking questions and really understanding what is going on with the voice – we encourage our students to ask questions, and we would love to speak with you.

Voice Lessons For Teens

We understand the musical challenges that middle school students and high schoolers are facing, and we would love to help. First of all, teens must deal with a changing voice – your child might be an alto one month, then a baritone a few months later, then a tenor before the next school year. Our job is to teach fundamentals that will support healthy and beautiful vocal production at every stage of your teen’s vocal journey.

We can also help your child choose literature that will help them succeed in auditions, and if they are a member in an ensemble, we can also help them learn their music.

Singing Lessons For Kids

Children haven’t experienced a voice change yet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t start learning how to sing well. We can also work on note reading, basic music theory and interpretation, and ear development. We’ll also help your child develop a strong sense of rhythm – in short, we will give them a solid foundation in music.

Our Music School Location

Florence Phillips Music Studio is located at 705 E Nields Street, right in the heart of West Chester. We are just a few blocks from Westtown Road and about a quarter of a mile away from 202. We are minutes away from Henderson High School, East High School, St. Agnes School, and more – we also have plenty of parking at our location. If you have any questions about our location or how to get here, please get in touch!

What Will You Learn in Your Voice Lessons?

While no two voice lessons are the same, we do try to instill singing fundamentals in each student. You will learn how to breathe well, how to project your voice without creating tension or straining, how to sing scales and arpeggios, how to safely increase your range (higher and lower), and so much more.

We are also happy to help you work on material and techniques that you specifically want to learn. Do you have an audition for Les Miserables coming up? Let us know! Do you want to have more fun at karaoke, sing jazz music, learn Scubert lieder, or sing an aria? Whatever the case may be, please let us know. We are happy to create a learning experience that is unique to you.

Get Started With Singing Lessons in West Chester, PA

If you’re ready to take your singing to the next level, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We can find a lesson time that works for your schedule and get you enrolled at your earliest convenience. In addition to voice lessons, you can take piano lessons in West Chester, early childhood music classes, and more.