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Should You Become a Collaborative Pianist or Accompanist?

For pianists, working as a collaborative pianist can be a well-paying and flexible job option. Accompanying gives you the opportunity to experience various performance settings without being front and center. Apart from the experience, collaborating can become a successful career or side-hustle. Before deciding to jump into accompanying, here are a few things to consider. …

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Is Learning The Piano Harder For Adults Than Children?

Learning to play the piano and signing up for piano lessons in West Chester is a great idea for kids and adults. However, adults might feel like learning to play the piano is too difficult, it is too late, or they just do not have the neuroplasticity required to learn an instrument or to read music. This could not be further from the truth. Is it harder for adults to learn to play piano? Yes and no – and there are a few things you must consider. You might want to learn during your retirement, learn as a pastime, or learn because you are a musician who never had time to try piano in the past. Read through each step and remember that anyone can learn to play if they are determined and disciplined.