Piano Lessons in Coatesville, PA

Piano Lessons in Coatesville, PA

I’m Florence Phillips, a pianist and teacher serving piano students in Coatesville, PA. I’ve worked with young children, high schoolers, adults, and everyone in between, and I’m happy to help beginners and advanced pianists alike.

My almost-decade of piano teaching experience and a MMus in piano pedagogy from WCU have placed me in private lesson and classroom settings, and regardless of your goals challenges, I’m sure I can help you become a better musician. Get in touch to learn more about piano lessons, and let me know if I can answer any questions!

    Learn From An Experienced Pianist

    I believe that the best teachers should be able active pianists and performers – information is best received by a student when the teacher actively practices what he or she teaches. I’ve played the piano for my entire life, studied with numerous teachers and professors, and performed as a soloist and chamber musician both in academic settings and in professional environments.

    I have also done a great deal of collaborative piano playing, and working with instrumentalists, singers, and other pianists has taught me a few things that I enjoy passing on to my students.

    Coatesville Piano Lessons For Kids

    If you want your child to enjoy a lifetime of music-making, I hope you’ll get in touch. I enjoy working with young children, elementary school students, middle schoolers, and high schoolers, and whether your child already has some experience with another teacher or is starting from zero, we can accomplish great things at the keyboard.

    I am also happy to take your family’s goals into consideration. Does your high schooler want to prepare audition repertoire for the college application season? Does your middle schooler want to apply for a performing arts high school the next academic school year? Or do you want piano to fit seamlessly into your child’s school life? We’ll focus on the fundamental aspects of playing the piano, how to read well, how to play painlessly, and how to understand music theory, and the young pianist in your family will be prepared for whatever musical experiences come their way in the future.

    Piano lessons are fun and full of engaging activities in my studio, but I do have high standards for my students – I believe that piano can be fun and serious at the same time.

    Piano Lessons For Adults in Coatesville, PA

    Working with adult piano students has been incredibly rewarding for me, and I hope you’ll feel the same way about your experience in my studio. I enjoy helping young professionals through retired individuals reach their goals at the piano, and I also reassure my students that not starting the piano at a young age does not disqualify them from becoming an advanced pianist.

    Even if you are coming to me with no prior experience, you can become an excellent sight reading, improviser, and musician, and whether you want to play rock tunes off of lead sheets or engage in serious classical literature, let’s set up a time to meet.

    How I Teach

    I do use piano methods for beginning students (including Faber Piano Adventures), but I will also mix a number of other drills and supplementary material into your practice sessions. For intermediate and advanced students, we’ll build a roadmap unique to you, and it will include technical exercises, sight reading materials, and repertoire that will support the concepts we’re working on.

    I also provide beginning students with the books they’ll need when we first start – I don’t want lesson materials to be a burden on you when you enroll.

    I take what would be considered a “classical” approach to piano teaching – I emphasize reading, proper technique, and theory right from the beginning. But I’ve also learned how valuable ear-training and other practical applications of music can be, and I want to prepare you to pursue whatever genre you want to engage with in the future.

    Coatesville Piano Lessons Near You

    My home piano studio is conveniently located about 15 minutes away from the heart of Coatesville, PA, and whether your child is enrolled at Coatesville High School, Collegium Charter High School, North Brandywine Middle School, or any other school in the area, you’ll be able to fit lessons into your busy schedule.

    Virtual Lessons Are Also Available

    If you would prefer to take lessons online, I’d be more than happy to work with you. Adults have busy schedules, kids are getting increasingly used to virtual lessons, and some students have other reasons for continuing their piano education on Skype or Zoom. If you’d prefer to learn online, get in touch – we can set up a trial lesson to test your internet connection.

    Get In Touch

    The sooner you get started with piano lessons in Coatesville, PA, the sooner you’ll be sight reading music, playing by ear, and sharing your abilities with family and friends. Let’s find a time that works for you – I’m looking forward to hearing from you. I also offer piano lessons in West Chester, PA if you are local to the area.